Ubiquiti USP-RPS UniFi Redundant Power System for SmartPower Devices

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  • Product Type: Power Supply
  • POE Capability: No
  • Device Support: UniFi


Ubiquiti USP-RPS UniFi Redundant Power System for SmartPower Devices - Discover the reliability and resilience of USP-RPS, the ultimate redundant power supply designed to keep your network infrastructure running seamlessly. With its advanced features, high capacity, and seamless integration, USP-RPS provides uninterrupted power backup, safeguarding critical systems against power outages and ensuring continuous connectivity.

USP-RPS is a game-changing redundant power supply that guarantees uninterrupted power backup for critical network infrastructure. This SEO-friendly description will explore the key features, benefits, and technical specifications of USP-RPS, showcasing its exceptional capabilities and why it stands out as the ideal solution for organizations seeking reliable power redundancy.

Key Features:

Power Reliability: USP-RPS is engineered to provide reliable backup power for critical network equipment. It delivers seamless switchover during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimizing downtime. With its advanced power management features, it offers protection against voltage fluctuations and power surges, safeguarding your network infrastructure.

High Capacity and Scalability: USP-RPS boasts high capacity, offering sufficient power backup for a wide range of devices and network setups. Whether you have a small office or a large enterprise, the scalable nature of USP-RPS allows you to expand your backup power capacity as your network grows, ensuring ongoing reliability and adaptability.

Seamless Integration: USP-RPS seamlessly integrates with existing network infrastructure, offering easy installation and compatibility with various devices. Its modular design and versatile connectivity options enable straightforward integration into network switches, routers, and other critical network components, making it a convenient and efficient power redundancy solution.

Intelligent Monitoring and Management: USP-RPS incorporates intelligent monitoring and management features for enhanced control and oversight. With real-time monitoring of power input and output, battery health, and system status, administrators can proactively identify and address power-related issues, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing uptime.

Hot-Swappable Battery Design: USP-RPS features a hot-swappable battery design, allowing for effortless maintenance and replacement without interrupting power supply to connected devices. This innovative feature minimizes service disruptions, simplifies battery replacement procedures, and further enhances the reliability and availability of your network infrastructure.

Comprehensive Protection: USP-RPS offers comprehensive protection against power-related issues, including voltage spikes, power surges, and electrical noise. Its advanced surge suppression capabilities shield connected devices from electrical disturbances, ensuring the longevity and reliability of critical network equipment.


Uninterrupted Network Operation: With USP-RPS providing reliable power backup, your network infrastructure remains operational during power outages. This uninterrupted connectivity ensures seamless data transmission, continuous access to critical systems, and prevents disruptions that can impact productivity and business operations.

Improved Reliability and Uptime: USP-RPS enhances the reliability and uptime of your network infrastructure. By safeguarding against power fluctuations and outages, it mitigates the risk of data loss, equipment damage, and service interruptions, enabling your network to maintain consistent performance and meet the demands of your business.

Cost Savings: The reliable power backup provided by USP-RPS helps you avoid the financial repercussions of network downtime. By minimizing productivity losses, data corruption, and equipment damage caused by power outages, you can save significant costs associated with downtime and equipment replacement.

Simplified Maintenance: USP-RPS's hot-swappable battery design simplifies maintenance procedures and minimizes service disruptions. The ability to replace batteries without interrupting power supply ensures uninterrupted operation of critical network devices and reduces the time and effort required for maintenance activities.

Enhanced Network Security: USP-RPS plays a vital role in network security by providing continuous power backup to critical security devices such as firewalls, surveillance systems, and access control systems. This ensures uninterrupted security monitoring and safeguards against potential vulnerabilities or breaches caused by power disruptions.

USP-RPS is a reliable and robust redundant power supply solution that guarantees uninterrupted power backup for critical network infrastructure. With its advanced features, high capacity, and seamless integration, USP-RPS ensures continuous connectivity, minimizes downtime, and protects against power-related issues. Invest in USP-RPS to strengthen the resilience of your network and ensure seamless operations even during power outages.



442.4 x 325.6 x 43.7 mm (17.4 x 12.8 x 1.7")

Without mount brackets : 5.5 kg (12.13 lb)
With mount brackets: 5.6 kg (12.32 lb)


Networking interface
(1) 10/100/1,000 MbE RJ45 port

Management interface
Ethernet In-Band

Power output
(6) RPS DC ports

Power method
(1) Universal AC input, 100—240V AC

Max. power consumption

Power supply
Internal 350W AC/DC
Internal 645W AC/DC

Supported voltage range
100—240V AC

Total output power
52V DC 11.54A (600W)
11.5V DC 30.44A (350W)

Max. output power per RPS port
52V DC 11.54A (600W)
11.5V DC 30.44A (350W)

1.3" touchscreen

ESD/EMP protection
Air: ± 16kV, contact: ± 12kV

Operating temperature
-5 to 45° C (23 to 113° F)

Operating humidity
10 to 90% noncondensing






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More Information
Product TypePower Supply
POE CapabilityNo
Device SupportUniFi